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Find Veterans and Fund Life Saving Programs

You have the power to help us locate veterans and fund programs that save their lives. 

What we do for Veterans

Get Veterans Out of Isolation

When you feel as if you are alone, it is often easier to stay that way—alone at home. Offering fun events or working with a Mustang Horse gets veterans out of isolation and into a safe social setting.

Provide Veterans a Safe Place

Veterans have a shared language, a shared experience, and a shared set of challenges in everyday life multiplied by military service. Talking to someone who “gets” you right away is the ultimate release and relief.

Give Veterans a Purpose

Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning. We provide an opportunity to develop a relationship with a Wild American Mustang Horse, we offer guided fishing and hunting excursions, and also provide opportunities for volunteering. 

Bridge the Gap from Active Duty to Veteran

Whether a veteran has been home for weeks or years, taking steps to handle the transition is necessary. We offer veterans at any stage of return to civilian life the resources they need to make a healthy, positive transition.

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About Us

The DOG TAG Support Nation is the Outreach & Awareness program of Veterans R&R 501c3. The sole mission of this program is to Find Veterans and Fund Our Veteran Life Saving Programs.  


Jen’s Story – Combat Medic & Military Spouse

Jen’s Story – Combat Medic & Military Spouse

Jen is a 91-W series Army combat medic veteran who served as both medic and military spouse from 2003 to 2015. Jen’s experience with the military is one of loss, addiction, raising babies alone in foreign countries, suffocating guilt, and PTSD. The war claimed...

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Ryan’s Story – Triangle of Death

Ryan’s Story – Triangle of Death

Ryan is a United States Marine who served in combat operations in Iraq in a place called the Triangle of Death. Unfortunately, Ryan suffered some significant injuries while deployed, which left him with chronic pain, a traumatic brain injury, and PTSD.  Upon returning...

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